treacherous Definition

  • 1guilty of or involving betrayal or deception
  • 2dangerously unstable and unpredictable

Using treacherous: Examples

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    The treacherous spy was caught and punished severely.

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    The mountain road was treacherous and difficult to navigate.

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    The politician's treacherous behavior cost him his career.

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    The sea was treacherous, with high waves and strong currents.

treacherous Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using treacherous

  • a person who is deceitful and untrustworthy


    He turned out to be a treacherous snake, betraying his friends and colleagues.

  • a smile that is deceptive or insincere


    She gave him a treacherous smile, knowing that she was about to betray him.

  • a slope that is steep and dangerous to climb or descend


    The skiers were warned about the treacherous slope, which had claimed many accidents in the past.

Phrases with treacherous

  • dangerous or unpredictable water conditions


    The sailors were warned about the treacherous waters ahead.

  • difficult or dangerous land conditions


    The hikers had to be careful while crossing the treacherous terrain.

  • a path that is dangerous or difficult to navigate


    The treacherous path up the mountain required experienced climbers.

Origins of treacherous

from Old French 'trecheros', meaning 'deceitful'


Summary: treacherous in Brief

The term 'treacherous' [ˈtretʃərəs] describes actions or situations that involve betrayal or deception, as well as conditions that are dangerously unstable or unpredictable. Examples include 'The treacherous spy was caught and punished severely.' and 'The mountain road was treacherous and difficult to navigate.' Phrases like 'treacherous waters' and idioms like 'a treacherous snake' extend the concept to specific contexts.