slope Definition

  • 1a surface that lies at an angle to the horizontal so that some points on it are higher than others
  • 2the degree to which a surface is inclined; the gradient
  • 3a downward or upward inclination or slant, especially of a line

Using slope: Examples

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  • Example

    The slope of the hill was too steep for me to climb.

  • Example

    The roof has a gentle slope to allow rainwater to drain off.

  • Example

    The ski slope was very challenging.

  • Example

    The graph shows a positive slope.

slope Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for slope

Idioms Using slope

  • to leave quickly or abruptly


    I think it's time to get the slope before the party gets too wild.

  • in the process of declining or deteriorating


    The company is on the slope and needs to make some changes to turn things around.

  • very difficult to hold onto or control


    The new employee is as slippery as a greased pig on a slope, always avoiding responsibility.

Phrases with slope

  • a course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another with unintended consequences


    Some people believe that legalizing marijuana is a slippery slope that will lead to the legalization of other drugs.

  • a decline or decrease in quantity, quality, or value


    The company's profits have been on a downward slope for the past year.

  • an increase or improvement in quantity, quality, or value


    The economy has been on an upward slope since the new government took office.

Origins of slope

from Old English 'slop', meaning 'slippery ground'


Summary: slope in Brief

The term 'slope' [sloʊp] refers to a surface that is inclined or slanted, with varying degrees of steepness. It can describe physical surfaces like hills or roofs, as well as mathematical concepts like gradients. Phrases like 'slippery slope' denote unintended consequences, while idioms like 'get the slope' mean leaving quickly. 'Slope' can also be used to describe a decline or increase in quantity, quality, or value.

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