apathy Definition

  • 1lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
  • 2indifference

Using apathy: Examples

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    The students showed apathy towards the new school policy.

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    He felt apathy towards his job and decided to quit.

  • Example

    Her apathy towards the suffering of others was concerning.

apathy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with apathy

  • a lack of interest or concern regarding political matters


    The low voter turnout was a result of political apathy among the citizens.

  • emotional apathy

    a lack of emotional response or feeling


    His emotional apathy towards his family was a cause for concern.

  • a state of exhaustion or burnout resulting from prolonged exposure to apathetic attitudes or behaviors


    The constant negativity in the news cycle has led to apathy fatigue among many people.

Origins of apathy

from Greek 'apatheia', meaning 'without feeling'


Summary: apathy in Brief

'Apathy' [ˈæpəθi] refers to a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, often resulting in indifference. It can manifest in various contexts, such as political apathy or emotional apathy. 'Apathy fatigue' is a state of exhaustion resulting from prolonged exposure to apathetic attitudes or behaviors. Synonyms include 'unconcern', 'detachment', and 'passivity'. Antonyms include 'enthusiasm', 'interest', and 'concern'.

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