quench Definition

  • 1satisfy (one's thirst) by drinking.
  • 2extinguish (a fire).
  • 3suppress or crush (a feeling).

Using quench: Examples

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  • Example

    She quenched her thirst with a glass of water.

  • Example

    The firefighters worked hard to quench the raging fire.

  • Example

    He tried to quench his anger but failed.

  • Example

    The government's efforts to quench the rebellion were unsuccessful.

quench Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for quench

Phrases with quench

  • quench one's thirst

    to satisfy one's thirst by drinking something


    After a long hike, we stopped to quench our thirst at a nearby stream.

  • to suppress or put an end to a rebellion or uprising


    The government sent in troops to quench the rebellion and restore order.

  • quench someone's hopes

    to disappoint or crush someone's hopes or aspirations


    The rejection letter from the university quenched his hopes of attending his dream school.

Origins of quench

from Old English 'cwencan', meaning 'to extinguish'


Summary: quench in Brief

The verb 'quench' [kwentʃ] has three main meanings: to satisfy one's thirst by drinking, to extinguish a fire, and to suppress or crush a feeling. It can be used in phrases like 'quench one's thirst,' 'quench a rebellion,' and 'quench someone's hopes.' Synonyms include 'extinguish,' 'sate,' and 'assuage.'