kindle Definition

  • 1to start a fire burning; to cause a flame to begin
  • 2to arouse or inspire a feeling or emotion
  • 3to begin to develop or grow

Using kindle: Examples

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  • Example

    She kindled the logs with a match.

  • Example

    The teacher's words kindled a passion for learning in her students.

  • Example

    The new evidence kindled hope for a breakthrough in the case.

  • Example

    The book kindled his interest in history.

kindle Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using kindle

  • a kindle of kittens

    a group of young cats


    The animal shelter was full of adorable kindles of kittens.

  • to reignite a passion or interest


    The concert kindled the flame of his love for music, which had been dormant for years.

  • to inspire creativity or imaginative thinking


    The colorful illustrations in the children's book kindled the imagination of the young readers.

Phrases with kindle

  • to start or initiate a romantic relationship


    Their shared love of books kindled a romance between them.

  • to motivate or inspire someone to take action


    The coach's pep talk kindled a fire under the team, and they went on to win the championship.

  • kindle someone's anger

    to provoke or incite someone's anger


    His insensitive comments kindled her anger, and she stormed out of the room.

Origins of kindle

from Old Norse 'kynda', meaning 'to light a fire'


Summary: kindle in Brief

The verb 'kindle' [ˈkɪndl] means to start a fire, ignite, or cause a flame to begin. It also refers to arousing or inspiring a feeling or emotion, as in 'The teacher's words kindled a passion for learning in her students.' Additionally, it can mean to begin to develop or grow, as in 'The book kindled his interest in history.' 'Kindle' extends into phrases like 'kindle a romance,' and idioms like 'kindle the imagination,' denoting inspiration and creativity.