shine Definition

  • 1give out a bright light.
  • 2be very good at or successful in an activity or a particular area of work or study.
  • 3make (something) smooth and glossy by rubbing it.

Using shine: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun was shining brightly in the sky.

  • Example

    She shone her flashlight into the dark room.

  • Example

    He shines as a basketball player.

  • Example

    She shone in her performance on stage.

  • Example

    He shone his shoes until they were spotless.

  • Example

    The moon shone on the lake, creating a beautiful reflection.

shine Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with shine

  • whatever happens; in spite of any difficulties or problems


    I'll be there, come rain or shine.

  • let someone/something shine

    allow someone or something to show their abilities or qualities


    She's a talented singer, so we should let her shine in the performance.

  • take a shine to someone/something

    develop a liking for someone or something


    I took a shine to that new restaurant down the street.


Summary: shine in Brief

The verb 'shine' [ʃaɪn] has three main definitions: emitting a bright light, excelling in an activity or area of work, and making something smooth and glossy. It can refer to the sun, moon, or artificial light sources, as well as personal achievements. Phrases like 'come rain or shine' and 'let someone/something shine' are commonly used, while idioms are not applicable. 'Shine' can be formalized as 'radiate' or 'emit,' and informalized as 'glow up' or 'kill it.'

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