superb Definition

excellent; of the highest quality.

Using superb: Examples

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    The food was superb, and the service was excellent.

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    She gave a superb performance in the play.

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    The view from the top of the mountain was superb.

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    The hotel had superb facilities.

superb Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with superb

  • made with great skill or precision


    The superbly crafted furniture was a testament to the carpenter's talent.

  • superb condition

    in excellent physical or working order


    The car was in superb condition, having been well-maintained over the years.

  • excellent judgment or discernment in matters of aesthetics or style


    Her home decor showed superb taste and attention to detail.

Origins of superb

from Latin 'superbus', meaning 'proud'


Summary: superb in Brief

The term 'superb' [suːˈpɜːb] refers to something of the highest quality or excellence. It can describe anything from food to performance to facilities, as in 'The hotel had superb facilities.' 'Superb' can also be used in phrases like 'superbly crafted' or 'superb taste,' indicating great skill or excellent judgment.

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