outstanding Definition

  • 1exceptionally good
  • 2remaining to be paid, done, or dealt with

Using outstanding: Examples

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  • Example

    She did an outstanding job on the project.

  • Example

    The company has an outstanding debt of $10,000.

  • Example

    There are still some outstanding issues that need to be resolved.

outstanding Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with outstanding

  • an accomplishment that is exceptional or remarkable


    Winning the Nobel Prize is an outstanding achievement.

  • an amount of money that remains unpaid


    You have an outstanding balance of $500 on your credit card.

  • an exceptionally good or impressive display of skill or ability


    The actor gave an outstanding performance in the play.


Summary: outstanding in Brief

The term 'outstanding' [aʊtˈstændɪŋ] refers to something that is exceptionally good or remarkable. It can also refer to something that remains to be paid, done, or dealt with, as in 'The company has an outstanding debt of $10,000.' 'Outstanding' is often used in phrases like 'outstanding achievement' and 'outstanding performance,' both denoting exceptional displays of skill or ability.

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