deficient Definition

  • 1not having enough of a specified quality or ingredient
  • 2inadequate in amount or degree

Using deficient: Examples

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    The soil was deficient in nutrients.

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    Her diet was deficient in vitamins.

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    The team's performance was deficient in many areas.

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    The report was deficient in detail.

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    The company was found to be deficient in safety measures.

deficient Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with deficient

  • having a mental disability or impairment


    The school provides special education for mentally deficient children.

  • lacking in a particular quality or ingredient


    The soup was deficient in salt.

  • lacking in essential vitamins


    The doctor prescribed supplements for her vitamin deficient condition.

Origins of deficient

from Latin 'deficiens', present participle of 'deficere', meaning 'to desert, fail'


Summary: deficient in Brief

The term 'deficient' [dɪˈfɪʃənt] refers to something that is lacking in a specified quality or ingredient. It can also mean inadequate in amount or degree. Examples include deficient soil, deficient diet, and deficient performance. Phrases like 'mentally deficient' and 'vitamin deficient' denote specific types of deficiency.