inadequate Definition

not enough or not good enough; not capable or competent.

Using inadequate: Examples

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    The company's response to the crisis was inadequate.

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    The school's resources are inadequate for the number of students.

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    His qualifications were inadequate for the job.

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    The evidence presented was inadequate to prove his guilt.

inadequate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inadequate

Phrases with inadequate

  • extremely insufficient or deficient


    The amount of funding provided was grossly inadequate for the project.

  • sadly lacking in quality or quantity


    The emergency response was woefully inadequate, resulting in many casualties.

  • payment or benefits that are insufficient or not commensurate with the work done


    The employees were dissatisfied with the inadequate compensation offered by the company.

Origins of inadequate

from Latin 'in-' meaning 'not' and 'adequatus' meaning 'equal to'


Summary: inadequate in Brief

'Inadequate' [ɪnˈædɪkwət] describes something that is not enough or not good enough, often implying a lack of capability or competence. Examples include 'The company's response to the crisis was inadequate,' and 'His qualifications were inadequate for the job.' Phrases like 'grossly inadequate' and 'woefully inadequate' emphasize extreme insufficiency or deficiency.

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