abundant Definition

existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.

Using abundant: Examples

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    The garden was abundant with flowers and vegetables.

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    She has an abundant supply of energy.

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    The region is known for its abundant wildlife.

abundant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for abundant

Phrases with abundant

  • a life that is full, rich, and satisfying


    He believes that living a simple life leads to abundant life.

  • taking extra care or being overly cautious


    The company exercised abundant caution when dealing with sensitive information.

  • the idea that God's grace is limitless and always available


    The pastor spoke about the concept of abundant grace during his sermon.

Origins of abundant

from Latin 'abundantem', meaning 'overflowing'


Summary: abundant in Brief

'Abundant' [əˈbʌndənt] means existing or available in large quantities, often used to describe things like flowers, energy, or wildlife. It can also be used in phrases like 'abundant life,' referring to a full and satisfying life, or 'abundant caution,' meaning taking extra care. Synonyms include 'plentiful,' 'copious,' and 'ample.'