ample Definition

enough or more than enough; plentiful.

Using ample: Examples

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    There is ample evidence to support his claim.

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    The room was spacious with ample seating.

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    She had ample time to finish the project.

ample Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ample

  • a good chance to do something


    He was given ample opportunity to prove himself.

  • plenty of space for parking


    The shopping center has ample parking for customers.

  • ample warning

    enough notice to prepare for something


    The weather service issued ample warning about the approaching storm.

Origins of ample

from Old French 'ample', from Latin 'amplus'


Summary: ample in Brief

'Ample' [ˈæmpl] means enough or more than enough, often used to describe something that is plentiful. It can be used to describe physical space, as in 'The room was spacious with ample seating,' or time, as in 'She had ample time to finish the project.' Phrases like 'ample opportunity' and 'ample parking' use 'ample' to denote plenty or enough of something.