explanation Definition

  • 1a statement or account that makes something clear
  • 2the act of explaining something

Using explanation: Examples

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  • Example

    Can you give me an explanation for your behavior?

  • Example

    The teacher's explanation of the math problem was helpful.

  • Example

    I need an explanation for why the project is delayed.

  • Example

    The book provides a detailed explanation of the scientific theory.

explanation Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using explanation

  • an explanation that is believable and convincing


    I don't think his explanation for being absent will hold water with the boss.

  • to require clarification or justification


    His strange behavior is in need of explanation.

  • to be so inexplicable as to defy any explanation


    The sudden disappearance of the plane beggars explanation.

Phrases with explanation

  • used to introduce an explanation or clarification


    By way of explanation, let me tell you what happened.

  • to ask someone to explain their actions or words


    I demand an explanation for why you were late.

  • without giving a reason or justification


    He left without explanation, leaving everyone confused.

Origins of explanation

from Latin 'explanare', meaning 'to make plain or clear'


Summary: explanation in Brief

The term 'explanation' [ˌɛkspləˈneɪʃən] refers to a statement or account that makes something clear, or the act of explaining something. It can be used to clarify behavior, provide helpful descriptions, or justify delays, as in 'Can you give me an explanation for your behavior?' 'Explanation' also extends into phrases like 'by way of explanation,' and idioms like 'an explanation that holds water,' denoting believability, and 'to beggar explanation,' implying inexplicability.

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