grief Definition

deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone's death.

Using grief: Examples

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    She was overcome with grief when her husband died.

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    The family is still in the midst of their grieving process.

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    He expressed his grief over the loss of his friend.

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    The nation is in mourning over the tragedy.

grief Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for grief

Idioms Using grief

  • to experience failure or disaster


    Their business venture came to grief after only a few months.

  • an exclamation of surprise or frustration


    Good grief! I can't believe you ate the whole pizza by yourself.

  • to endure criticism or abuse from someone


    He's not the type of person to take grief from anyone.

Phrases with grief

  • grief-stricken

    overwhelmed with grief


    She was grief-stricken after the death of her son.

  • therapy or support provided to help people cope with their grief


    After the funeral, the family attended grief counseling sessions to help them deal with their loss.

  • the process of working through one's grief and emotions after a loss


    She spent months doing grief work after the death of her father.

Origins of grief

from Old French 'grever', meaning 'burden'


Summary: grief in Brief

The term 'grief' [ɡriːf] refers to deep sorrow, particularly related to the death of someone. It is a universal human experience that can be overwhelming and long-lasting. Phrases like 'grief-stricken,' 'grief counseling,' and 'grief work' describe the intensity and process of coping with grief. Idioms like 'come to grief' and 'good grief' extend the meaning to failure and surprise, respectively.

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