joy Definition

  • 1a feeling of great pleasure and happiness
  • 2something that causes delight or happiness

Using joy: Examples

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    The children screamed with joy when they saw the presents under the tree.

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    Winning the championship brought him great joy.

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    She felt a surge of joy when she saw her newborn baby.

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    The joy of cooking is something she learned from her grandmother.

joy Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using joy

  • to take pleasure or delight in something


    She finds joy in painting and spends hours creating new works of art.

  • a ride taken for pleasure, especially in a stolen vehicle


    The teenagers took a joy ride in a stolen car and were arrested by the police.

  • a person who spoils other people's fun or enjoyment


    He's such a killjoy - he never wants to do anything fun.

Phrases with joy

  • to express great delight or happiness, often by leaping into the air


    When she heard the news, she jumped for joy.

  • crying that expresses happiness or relief


    When she saw her son after a long time, she cried tears of joy.

  • a feeling of happiness that is not mixed with any other emotions


    Watching the sunset over the ocean brought her pure joy.

Origins of joy

from Old French 'joie', from Latin 'gaudia', meaning 'rejoicing'


Summary: joy in Brief

The term 'joy' [dʒɔɪ] refers to a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, or something that causes delight. It can be expressed through phrases like 'jump for joy,' 'tears of joy,' and 'pure joy.' Idioms like 'find joy in something' denote taking pleasure in an activity, while 'joy ride' refers to a ride taken for pleasure, often in a stolen vehicle. 'Joy' has formal synonyms like 'delight' and 'happiness,' and informal ones like 'pleasure' and 'bliss.'

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