among Definition

  • 1surrounded by or in the company of others
  • 2belonging to a group or category
  • 3occurring or being included within a larger group or entity

Using among: Examples

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  • Example

    She felt among friends at the party.

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    The book is among the best of the year.

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    He was among the first to arrive.

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    The painting is among the museum's most prized possessions.

among Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for among

Phrases with among

  • among other things

    used to indicate that there are several more things that could be mentioned in addition to what has been stated


    She is an accomplished musician, among other things.

  • to distribute something among a group of people


    The teacher divided the candy among the students.

  • fall among thieves

    to become a victim of theft or robbery


    He was robbed on his way home and fell among thieves.

Origins of among

from Old English 'on gemang', meaning 'in the company of'


Summary: among in Brief

The preposition 'among' [ษ™หˆmสŒล‹] refers to being surrounded by or in the company of others, belonging to a group or category, or occurring or being included within a larger group or entity. It is often used to describe a sense of inclusion or participation, as in 'She felt among friends at the party.' Phrases like 'among other things' and 'divide something among someone' use 'among' to denote additional items or distribution, respectively.

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