black Definition

  • 1the darkest color, the opposite of white
  • 2completely dark and without any light
  • 3belonging to or connected with a race of people with dark skin color, especially those who live in Africa

Using black: Examples

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    The cat's fur was black as coal.

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    The room was pitch black.

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    He is proud of his black heritage.

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    She wore a black dress to the funeral.

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    The night sky was black and starry.

black Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with black

  • black and blue

    bruised or beaten


    After the fight, his face was black and blue.

  • a person who is considered a disgrace to a particular group or family


    He was always the black sheep of the family.

  • having money in your bank account, making a profit


    Thanks to the new business strategy, the company is finally in the black.


Summary: black in Brief

The word 'black' [blæk] refers to the darkest color, the absence of light, and people with dark skin color. It can be used as an adjective or noun, and has synonyms like 'dark' and 'ebony'. Phrases like 'black and blue' describe physical injury, while 'black sheep' refers to a person who is a disgrace to their family. 'In the black' means having money in your bank account or making a profit.

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