What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “cloakless”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “cloakless”

The antonyms of cloakless are cloaked, covered, and protected. These words convey the opposite meaning of cloakless, which means without a cloak or protection.

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Definitions and Examples of cloaked, covered, protected

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Covered or concealed, often to hide one's identity or intentions.


The spy was cloaked in darkness as he made his way through the enemy territory.

Protected or sheltered from harm or danger.


The roof covered the house, keeping it safe from rain and wind.

Kept safe from harm or danger; shielded from potential threats.


The police officer protected the witness from the attackers.

Key Differences: cloaked vs covered vs protected

  • 1Cloaked implies a deliberate attempt to conceal one's identity or intentions.
  • 2Covered suggests a physical barrier that shields from harm or danger.
  • 3Protected implies a more active role in safeguarding from potential threats.

Effective Usage of cloaked, covered, protected

  • 1Describing Physical Protection: Use covered to describe objects that provide physical protection.
  • 2Describing Concealment: Use cloaked to describe people or objects that are deliberately hidden or concealed.
  • 3Describing Active Protection: Use protected to describe people or objects that are actively safeguarded from potential threats.

Remember this!

The antonyms of cloakless have distinct nuances. Cloaked implies concealment, covered suggests physical protection, and protected implies active safeguarding. Use these words to describe physical protection, concealment, and active protection.

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