mention Definition

to speak or write about someone or something, especially briefly or incidentally.

Using mention: Examples

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  • Example

    She mentioned that she was going to the store.

  • Example

    He didn't mention anything about the party.

  • Example

    I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate your help.

  • Example

    The article mentions several possible solutions to the problem.

mention Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mention

  • note
  • refer to
  • cite
  • allude to
  • bring up

Antonyms for mention

Phrases with mention

  • used to introduce an additional point which reinforces or emphasizes the preceding one


    The movie was too long and boring, not to mention the terrible acting.

  • to refer to something briefly or without much detail


    He mentioned the new project in passing during our meeting.

  • mention names

    to identify people by name


    She mentioned names of all the people who helped her with the project.

Origins of mention

from Old French 'mentiun', meaning 'a mention'


Summary: mention in Brief

The verb 'mention' [ˈmɛnʃən] means to speak or write briefly or incidentally about someone or something. It is often used to introduce a point or refer to something in passing. Examples include 'She mentioned that she was going to the store,' and 'The article mentions several possible solutions to the problem.' 'Mention' can be used in phrases like 'not to mention,' which introduces an additional point, and 'mention names,' which refers to identifying people by name.

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