What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “combust”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “combust”

The antonyms of combust are extinguish and smother. The antonyms extinguish and smother convey the opposite meaning of combust, which is to put out a fire or prevent it from burning.

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Definitions and Examples of extinguish, smother

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To put out a fire or flame; to bring to an end.


The firefighters worked hard to extinguish the raging fire before it could spread to nearby buildings.


To deprive of oxygen and prevent from burning; to suffocate or stifle.


She used a blanket to smother the flames on the stove before they could reach the curtains.

Key Differences: extinguish vs smother

  • 1Extinguish refers to putting out a fire or flame completely, while smother means to prevent it from burning by depriving it of oxygen.
  • 2Extinguish can also mean to bring something to an end, such as a hope or desire, while smother can mean to suffocate or stifle something, such as a sound or emotion.

Effective Usage of extinguish, smother

  • 1Fire Safety: Use extinguish and smother to describe ways to prevent fires or put them out.
  • 2Metaphorical Usage: Use extinguish and smother to describe ending something or suppressing a feeling or emotion.
  • 3Science and Technology: Use extinguish and smother in scientific or technical contexts to describe the process of stopping a reaction or preventing combustion.

Remember this!

The antonyms of combust are extinguish and smother. Use extinguish to describe putting out a fire completely and bringing something to an end. Use smother to describe preventing something from burning by depriving it of oxygen or suffocating or stifling something.

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