student Definition

  • 1a person who is studying at a school or college
  • 2a person who is learning or studying something

Using student: Examples

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    She is a student at the local university.

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    He is a student of history.

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    The school has over 500 students enrolled.

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    The course is designed for students of all levels.

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Idioms Using student

  • pull an all-nighter

    to stay up all night studying or working on a project


    I have to pull an all-nighter to finish this paper before the deadline.

  • to study hard


    I need to hit the books if I want to pass this exam.

  • to meet the required standard, especially in academic performance


    She worked hard to make the grade and was rewarded with a scholarship.

Phrases with student

  • a student who studies abroad for a period of time as part of an exchange program


    We hosted an exchange student from Spain last year.

  • a student who is older than the typical age range for students in a particular educational institution


    She decided to go back to school as a mature student to pursue a new career.

  • a type of loan designed to help students pay for their education


    He took out a student loan to pay for his tuition and living expenses.

Origins of student

from Latin 'studere', meaning 'to study'


Summary: student in Brief

A 'student' [ˈstjuːdnt] is someone who is studying at a school or college, or someone who is learning or studying something. It can refer to anyone from a primary school pupil to a mature student returning to education. Phrases like 'exchange student' and 'student loan' are common, as are idioms like 'pull an all-nighter' and 'hit the books.'

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