trainee Definition

a person who is being taught how to do a particular job.

Using trainee: Examples

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    The company hired several trainees to work in the new department.

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    As a trainee, you will be working closely with experienced professionals.

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    She started as a trainee and worked her way up to management.

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    The trainee program provides hands-on experience in the field.

trainee Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for trainee

Phrases with trainee

  • a person who has recently completed their studies and is being trained for a job


    The graduate trainee program offers opportunities for recent graduates to gain practical experience.

  • a person who is being trained for a management position


    The management trainee program prepares employees for leadership roles within the company.

  • sales trainee

    a person who is being trained to sell products or services


    The sales trainee program provides training in customer service, product knowledge, and sales techniques.


Summary: trainee in Brief

A 'trainee' [ˌtreɪˈniː] is a person who is being taught how to do a particular job. It is often used to refer to someone who is new to a profession or industry and is learning from experienced professionals. Examples of trainee programs include graduate trainee, management trainee, and sales trainee programs.

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