What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “defies”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “defies”

The antonyms of defies are obey, submit, and comply. These words convey the opposite meaning of defies, which is to follow rules, orders, or requests.

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Definitions and Examples of obey, submit, comply

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To comply with or follow rules, laws, or instructions.


Children should learn to obey their parents and teachers.

To yield or surrender to authority or control; to accept or agree to something.


He had to submit his report before the deadline.

To act in accordance with rules, regulations, or requests.


All employees must comply with the company's code of conduct.

Key Differences: obey vs submit vs comply

  • 1Obey implies a sense of duty or obligation to follow rules or orders.
  • 2Submit suggests yielding or surrendering to authority or control.
  • 3Comply conveys a willingness to act in accordance with rules or requests.

Effective Usage of obey, submit, comply

  • 1Instructing: Use obey, submit, and comply to give instructions or commands.
  • 2Describing Behavior: Use these antonyms to describe someone's behavior or attitude towards rules or authority.
  • 3Legal Context: These words are commonly used in legal contexts to describe compliance with laws and regulations.

Remember this!

The antonyms of defies are obey, submit, and comply. Obey implies a sense of duty, submit suggests yielding to authority, and comply conveys willingness to follow rules. Use these words to instruct, describe behavior, or in legal contexts.

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