network Definition

  • 1a group of interconnected people or things
  • 2an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines
  • 3a system of computers and peripherals that are linked together

Using network: Examples

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    The company has a vast network of suppliers and distributors.

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    The city's streets form a network of intersecting roads.

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    The computer network allows us to share files and resources.

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    The social network has millions of users around the world.

network Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using network

  • a complex web of deceitful statements or actions


    The politician's downfall was caused by his involvement in a network of lies and corruption.

  • a system of paths or routes that intersect and connect with each other


    The national park has a network of trails that hikers can explore.

  • a network of veins

    a complex system of blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body


    The circulatory system is made up of a network of veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Phrases with network

  • network of contacts

    a group of people who can provide information, advice, or support


    He was able to find a job quickly thanks to his extensive network of contacts.

  • the protection of computer networks from unauthorized access or attack


    The IT department is responsible for maintaining network security.

  • a business model in which a company distributes its products or services through a network of independent distributors


    She started her own business doing network marketing for a health supplement company.

Origins of network

from Old English 'net' meaning 'netting, network', from Proto-Germanic 'natjaną' meaning 'to knit'


Summary: network in Brief

The term 'network' [ˈnɛtwərk] refers to a group of interconnected people or things, such as a company's suppliers or a city's streets. It can also refer to an arrangement of intersecting lines or a system of linked computers. Phrases like 'network of contacts' and idioms like 'a network of lies' extend the concept to social and metaphorical contexts.

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