disconnection Definition

  • 1the state of being disconnected or separated
  • 2a lack of communication or understanding between people or groups

Using disconnection: Examples

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    The disconnection between the two departments led to a decrease in productivity.

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    The disconnection of the phone line left her feeling isolated.

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    There is a disconnection between what he says and what he does.

disconnection Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for disconnection

Phrases with disconnection

  • emotional disconnection

    a lack of emotional intimacy or connection between individuals, often in a romantic relationship


    Their marriage suffered due to emotional disconnection.

  • the act of disconnecting a device or appliance from a power source


    The power disconnection caused the computer to shut down unexpectedly.

  • a lack of understanding or connection with a culture or its customs


    The immigrant experienced cultural disconnection in the new country.


Summary: disconnection in Brief

The term 'disconnection' [ˌdɪskəˈnekʃən] refers to the state of being disconnected or separated, as well as a lack of communication or understanding between people or groups. It can manifest in various contexts, such as emotional disconnection in relationships or power disconnection in devices. Synonyms include 'separation,' 'isolation,' and 'alienation.'

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