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What is the opposite of “egressive”?

What is the antonym of “egressive”?

The antonyms of egressive are ingressive and inward. These words describe the direction of movement or flow, with egressive indicating outward movement and ingressive and inward indicating inward movement.

Brief Definitions of the Antonym(s)

Learn when and how to use these words with these examples!

Relating to or denoting a sound produced by inward airflow through the mouth.


The sound of a sneeze is an ingressive sound.

Towards the inside; in the direction of the center.


He turned inward to reflect on his thoughts.

How are these antonyms different from each other?

  • 1Ingressive describes a sound produced by inward airflow through the mouth, while egressive describes a sound produced by outward airflow.
  • 2Inward describes movement or direction towards the inside, while egressive describes movement or direction away from the inside.

Good things to know

  • 1Phonetics: Use ingressive and egressive to describe the production of sounds in phonetics.
  • 2Spatial Direction: Use inward and egressive to describe spatial direction or movement.
  • 3Psychology: Use inward to describe introspection or self-reflection.

Remember this!

The antonyms ingressive and inward describe inward movement or flow, while egressive describes outward movement or flow. Use these words in phonetics to describe sound production, in spatial contexts to describe direction or movement, and in psychology to describe introspection or self-reflection.

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