inward Definition

  • 1directed or proceeding towards the inside; coming from within
  • 2relating to a person's inner feelings, thoughts, or sensations

Using inward: Examples

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  • Example

    He turned his inward eye upon himself.

  • Example

    She was lost in her own inward thoughts.

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    The company needs to focus on its inward growth.

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    His inward struggle was reflected in his art.

inward Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inward

Phrases with inward

  • to feel happy or amused without showing it outwardly


    I inwardly smiled at the joke, but didn't want to offend anyone by laughing out loud.

  • investment made by foreign companies or individuals into a country


    The government is encouraging inward investment to boost the economy.

  • inward-looking

    tending to focus on one's own country or organization rather than on external matters


    The party's policies were criticized for being too inward-looking and not taking into account global issues.

Origins of inward

from Old English 'inweard', meaning 'in the direction of the inside'


Summary: inward in Brief

The term 'inward' [ˈɪnwərd] refers to something directed towards the inside, or relating to a person's inner feelings, thoughts, or sensations. It can describe a person's introspective nature or a company's focus on internal growth. Examples include 'She was lost in her own inward thoughts.' and 'The company needs to focus on its inward growth.'