personal Definition

  • 1relating to or belonging to a particular person and not anyone else
  • 2affecting or involving someone's private life, feelings, or opinions

Using personal: Examples

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    I have some personal business to attend to.

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    Her personal life is none of your concern.

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    The decision was based on personal experience.

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    He took the criticism personally.

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    This is my personal opinion.

personal Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with personal

  • a special or unique way of doing something that reflects one's individuality or personality


    She added a personal touch to the gift by hand-making the wrapping paper.

  • the physical area surrounding a person that they consider their own and do not want others to invade


    He felt uncomfortable when his coworker invaded his personal space during a conversation.

  • the best achievement or performance that a person has ever done in a particular activity


    She set a new personal best in the 100-meter dash.

Origins of personal

from Latin 'personalis', from 'persona' meaning 'mask'


Summary: personal in Brief

The term 'personal' [ˈpɜːsənəl] refers to something that belongs to a particular person or affects their private life, feelings, or opinions. It can be used to describe individuality or uniqueness, as in 'personal touch,' or physical boundaries, as in 'personal space.' 'Personal' can also refer to one's best achievement, as in 'personal best.'

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