inner Definition

  • 1situated inside or further in; internal
  • 2of or concerning the mind or spirit rather than the physical body

Using inner: Examples

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    The inner layer of the skin is called the dermis.

  • Example

    She has an inner strength that helps her overcome challenges.

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    The book explores the character's inner thoughts and emotions.

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    He needs to work on his inner peace.

inner Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inner

Phrases with inner

  • a small, exclusive group of people who have a lot of power or influence


    Only those in the inner circle knew about the company's plans.

  • the childlike aspect of a person's personality, especially when viewed as an inner emotional life that is hidden from adult consciousness and often associated with creativity and intuition


    She tries to connect with her inner child by painting and playing games.

  • a person's internal monologue or conscience


    Her inner voice told her to speak up and defend herself.


Summary: inner in Brief

The term 'inner' [ˈɪnər] refers to something situated inside or further in, such as the inner layer of the skin. It can also describe something related to the mind or spirit, like the character's inner thoughts and emotions in a book. 'Inner' extends into phrases like 'inner circle,' denoting a small, exclusive group of people, and 'inner child,' referring to the childlike aspect of a person's personality.

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