exterior Definition

  • 1the outer surface or structure of something
  • 2the outside of a building
  • 3the external appearance of someone or something

Using exterior: Examples

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  • Example

    The exterior of the house needs to be repainted.

  • Example

    The car's exterior was damaged in the accident.

  • Example

    The exterior of the building is very impressive.

  • Example

    She maintained a calm exterior despite feeling nervous.

exterior Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for exterior

Idioms Using exterior

  • keep up appearances (on the exterior)

    to maintain a certain image or impression, especially one that is false or misleading


    Despite their financial troubles, they tried to keep up appearances on the exterior by continuing to go out to expensive restaurants and buying designer clothes.

  • a hidden reason or agenda behind someone's actions or words


    I think he has an exterior motive for being so nice to us. He probably wants something from us.

  • a shot in a film or TV show that shows the outside of a building or location


    The exterior shot of the castle was breathtaking.

Phrases with exterior

  • the angle between any side of a polygon and the extended adjacent side


    The sum of all exterior angles of a polygon is 360 degrees.

  • the process of designing the outer appearance of a building or object


    The company hired an expert in exterior design to improve the look of their products.

  • lighting used to illuminate the outside of a building or landscape


    The exterior lighting of the hotel created a beautiful ambiance at night.

Origins of exterior

from Latin 'exterius', meaning 'outer'


Summary: exterior in Brief

The term 'exterior' [ɪkˈstɪəriər] refers to the outer surface or structure of something, such as the outside of a building or the external appearance of someone or something. It can also refer to specific concepts like 'exterior angle' and 'exterior design.' Idioms like 'keep up appearances (on the exterior)' and 'exterior motive' denote hidden agendas or impressions. The term is often used in formal contexts, with synonyms like 'surface' and 'facade.'

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