appearance Definition

  • 1the way that someone or something looks to other people
  • 2an occasion when someone appears in public
  • 3the act of coming into existence or becoming visible

Using appearance: Examples

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  • Example

    Her appearance was striking, with her bright red hair and green eyes.

  • Example

    The singer made a surprise appearance at the concert.

  • Example

    The sudden appearance of the sun after days of rain was a welcome sight.

appearance Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for appearance

Phrases with appearance

  • to maintain a good image or reputation, even if it requires deception or hiding one's true feelings


    She kept up appearances by smiling and acting cheerful, even though she was going through a difficult time.

  • to attend an event or gathering briefly, usually as a courtesy or obligation


    He put in an appearance at the party, but left early to finish some work.

  • to create the impression or illusion of something, even if it is not entirely true


    The company gave the appearance of being environmentally friendly, but in reality, they were just trying to improve their public image.

Origins of appearance

from Old French 'apparance', from Latin 'apparere', meaning 'to appear'


Summary: appearance in Brief

The term 'appearance' [əˈpɪərəns] refers to the way someone or something looks to others, or the act of coming into existence or becoming visible. It can also denote an occasion when someone appears in public. Phrases like 'keep up appearances' and 'put in an appearance' use 'appearance' to describe maintaining a good image or attending an event briefly. 'Appearance' has synonyms like 'look' and 'aspect,' and antonyms like 'disappearance' and 'vanishing.'

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