look Definition

  • 1to direct your eyes towards something or someone so that you can see them
  • 2to have a particular appearance or expression
  • 3to seem likely or probable

Using look: Examples

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  • Example

    She looked at him and smiled.

  • Example

    You look tired. Are you okay?

  • Example

    It looks like it's going to rain.

  • Example

    I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Example

    He looked up from his book and glanced around the room.

look Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for look

Idioms Using look

  • to think that you are better than someone else


    He always looks down on people who didn't go to college.

  • to ignore or pretend not to notice something


    The boss looked the other way when he saw his employees taking long breaks.

  • look like a million dollars

    to look very attractive or stylish


    She looked like a million dollars in her new dress.

Phrases with look

  • to take care of someone or something


    Can you look after my cat while I'm on vacation?

  • to investigate or examine something


    The police are looking into the robbery.

  • to be careful or watchful


    Look out! There's a car coming!


Summary: look in Brief

The verb 'look' [lʊk] means to direct one's gaze towards something or someone, to have a particular appearance or expression, or to seem likely or probable. It has synonyms like 'gaze' and 'stare,' and antonyms like 'ignore' and 'disregard.' Phrases like 'look after' and 'look into' denote taking care of or investigating something, while idioms like 'look down on' and 'look the other way' express negative attitudes or behaviors. 'Look like a million dollars' is an idiom that means to look very attractive or stylish.

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