gaze Definition

to look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.

Using gaze: Examples

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    She gazed at the stars in wonder.

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    He gazed into her eyes and knew he was in love.

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    The child gazed up at the towering skyscraper.

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    I found myself gazing out the window, lost in thought.

gaze Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with gaze

  • to confront the darkest aspects of one's own self or of the world at large


    His writing often involves characters who gaze into the abyss of their own souls.

  • to stare blankly or absentmindedly into the distance


    She was so bored during the lecture that she started to gaze off into space.

  • meet someone's gaze

    to look directly into someone's eyes


    She couldn't meet his gaze because she was too embarrassed.

Origins of gaze

from Old Norse 'geis', meaning 'a beam or ray of light'


Summary: gaze in Brief

The verb 'gaze' [ɡeɪz] means to look steadily and intently, often with admiration, surprise, or thought. It can be used to describe looking at anything from stars to people's eyes. Phrases like 'gaze into the abyss' and 'gaze off into space' add depth to the concept of gazing.

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