What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “immaturely”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “immaturely”

The antonyms of immaturely are maturely and responsibly. The antonyms maturely and responsibly convey a positive and grown-up attitude. It implies the ability to make wise decisions, act sensibly, and take responsibility for one's actions.

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Definitions and Examples of maturely, responsibly

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In a way that shows wisdom, good judgment, and the ability to handle difficult situations.


She handled the criticism maturely and used it as an opportunity to improve her work.

In a way that shows accountability, reliability, and the ability to fulfill obligations.


He took care of his sick mother responsibly and made sure she had everything she needed.

Key Differences: maturely vs responsibly

  • 1Maturely describes a person who has developed wisdom and good judgment over time.
  • 2Responsibly describes a person who is accountable and reliable in fulfilling their obligations.

Effective Usage of maturely, responsibly

  • 1Professional Communication: Use maturely and responsibly in professional settings to convey a positive and grown-up attitude.
  • 2Personal Development: Incorporate these antonyms in self-reflection to evaluate one's own behavior and decision-making skills.
  • 3Parenting: Use these antonyms to teach children about the importance of making wise decisions and taking responsibility for their actions.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Maturely conveys wisdom and good judgment, while responsibly denotes accountability and reliability. Use these words in professional communication, personal development, and parenting to teach the importance of making wise decisions and taking responsibility for one's actions.

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