broad Definition

  • 1having a distance larger than usual from side to side; wide
  • 2including or involving a wide range of things
  • 3showing a lack of detail; general

Using broad: Examples

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  • Example

    The river is very broad at this point.

  • Example

    She has broad interests in music and art.

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    He gave us a broad outline of his plans.

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    The company has a broad customer base.

broad Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using broad

  • a group or organization that includes a wide range of opinions or beliefs


    The political party is known for being a broad church, accommodating different views and factions.

  • a humorous way of describing someone who is wide around the hips or buttocks


    She's been eating too much lately, she's getting a bit broad in the beam.

  • broad strokes

    a general overview or summary of something, without going into detail


    He gave us the broad strokes of his plan, but we'll need more information before we can decide.

Phrases with broad

  • broad shoulders

    a physical attribute of having wide shoulders, often associated with strength and capability


    He was able to carry the heavy load thanks to his broad shoulders.

  • the period of time during the day when it is fully light outside, typically used to emphasize the visibility of something that should not be happening


    The thief stole the car in broad daylight, right in front of the store.

  • a smile that is wide and shows a lot of teeth, often indicating happiness or friendliness


    She greeted us with a broad smile, happy to see us again.

Origins of broad

from Old English 'brād'


Summary: broad in Brief

The term 'broad' [brɔːd] refers to something that is wider than usual, or includes a wide range of things. It can also mean lacking in detail. Examples include 'The river is very broad at this point,' and 'The company has a broad customer base.' Phrases like 'broad daylight' and idioms like 'broad church' extend the meaning to emphasize visibility and inclusivity, respectively.

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