spacious Definition

  • 1having ample space or room; large in area or extent
  • 2roomy and comfortable

Using spacious: Examples

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  • Example

    The apartment is spacious enough for a family of four.

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    The conference room was spacious and well-lit.

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    The car has a spacious trunk.

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    The house has a spacious backyard.

spacious Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with spacious

  • a large and comfortable living room


    The house has a spacious living room with plenty of natural light.

  • a large and comfortable cabin, especially in a vehicle or aircraft


    The airplane had spacious cabins with comfortable seats.

  • a large and roomy wardrobe or closet


    The bedroom has a spacious wardrobe with plenty of storage space.

Origins of spacious

from Latin 'spatiosus', meaning 'roomy'


Summary: spacious in Brief

The term 'spacious' [หˆspeษชสƒษ™s] describes something that has ample space or room, often being large in area or extent. It can refer to anything from an apartment to a car, as in 'The car has a spacious trunk.' 'Spacious' also extends into phrases like 'spacious living room,' denoting a large and comfortable space.

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