cramped Definition

  • 1feeling uncomfortable because there is not enough space to move easily
  • 2causing someone to feel uncomfortable because there is not enough space to move easily

Using cramped: Examples

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  • Example

    The airplane seats were so cramped that I couldn't sleep.

  • Example

    The apartment was too cramped for a family of five.

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    The small tent made camping feel cramped and uncomfortable.

cramped Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cramped

  • a small or confined space where people live or work


    The soldiers were forced to live in cramped quarters during their deployment.

  • a style of writing that is too dense or difficult to read because it contains too much information in a small space


    The author's cramped style made it hard to understand the main points of the book.

  • not having enough time to do something


    I'm feeling cramped for time, so I'll have to skip lunch today.


Summary: cramped in Brief

The term 'cramped' [kræmpt] describes a feeling of discomfort due to a lack of space. It can refer to physical spaces, such as airplane seats or small apartments, or to writing styles that are too dense. Phrases like 'cramped quarters' and 'cramped for time' extend the concept to living and working conditions and time management.