packed Definition

  • 1filled with a large number of people or things, crowded
  • 2compressed or pressed tightly together

Using packed: Examples

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  • Example

    The train was packed with commuters.

  • Example

    The room was packed with people.

  • Example

    She packed her suitcase with clothes for the trip.

  • Example

    The snow was so heavy that it packed down into a solid mass.

  • Example

    The soil was too loose to pack properly.

packed Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for packed

Phrases with packed

  • a meal prepared at home and carried to be eaten elsewhere, typically at work or school


    I always bring a packed lunch to work.

  • packed in like sardines

    crammed together in a very small space


    The passengers on the bus were packed in like sardines.

  • to have a powerful effect or impact


    Despite its small size, this camera really packs a punch.


Summary: packed in Brief

The adjective 'packed' [pækt] describes a space filled with a large number of people or things, or compressed tightly together. Examples include 'The train was packed with commuters' and 'She packed her suitcase with clothes for the trip.' Phrases include 'packed lunch,' 'packed in like sardines,' and 'pack a punch.'