pack Definition

  • 1a group of objects wrapped or tied up together for carrying or storing
  • 2a group of animals, especially wolves, living and hunting together
  • 3a set of playing cards

Using pack: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to pack my suitcase for the trip.

  • Example

    The pack of wolves howled at the moon.

  • Example

    Let's play a game with this pack of cards.

pack Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for pack

Idioms Using pack

  • among the competitors in a race or contest


    She started out in the pack but quickly moved ahead.

  • to have a strong effect or impact


    That movie really packed a punch!

  • to conform to the behavior or opinions of a group


    He always runs with the pack, never daring to be different.

Phrases with pack

  • a group of falsehoods or deceptions


    His story was a complete pack of lies.

  • to stop doing something, especially because you are tired or bored


    I'm ready to pack it in for the day.

  • a group of wolves that live and hunt together


    The wolf pack roamed through the forest.

Origins of pack

from Middle Dutch 'pac', meaning 'bundle'


Summary: pack in Brief

The term 'pack' [pæk] refers to a group of objects, animals, or cards. It can denote a bundle of items, as in 'I need to pack my suitcase for the trip,' or a group of animals, as in 'The pack of wolves howled at the moon.' 'Pack' also extends into phrases like 'pack of lies,' and idioms like 'pack a punch,' denoting a strong impact, and 'run with the pack,' implying conformity.

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