parcel Definition

  • 1an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper, especially so that it can be sent by post
  • 2a quantity or amount of something, especially one that is large but is considered as a single item

Using parcel: Examples

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  • Example

    I received a parcel from my friend in Australia.

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    The company shipped a parcel of goods to the warehouse.

  • Example

    She sold a parcel of land to the developer.

  • Example

    The project was divided into several parcels for easier management.

parcel Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for parcel

Phrases with parcel

  • to divide something into parts and distribute them among people


    The teacher parcelled out the candy to the students.

  • parcel up

    to wrap something in paper or other material so that it can be sent by post


    I need to parcel up this gift before I go to the post office.

  • a parcel of rogues

    a group of dishonest or unscrupulous people


    The company was run by a parcel of rogues who cheated their customers.

Origins of parcel

from Old French 'parcelle', meaning 'a small part or portion'


Summary: parcel in Brief

The term 'parcel' [ˈpɑːrsəl] refers to an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper, often for postal delivery. It also denotes a quantity or amount of something, such as a parcel of land or goods. The phrase 'parcel out' means to divide and distribute something, while 'parcel up' means to wrap something for mailing. 'A parcel of rogues' refers to a group of dishonest people.

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