capacious Definition

  • 1having a lot of space inside; roomy
  • 2able to hold or contain a lot; large in capacity

Using capacious: Examples

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  • Example

    The capacious room was perfect for the party.

  • Example

    The capacious bag held all of her belongings.

  • Example

    The capacious trunk of the car allowed us to fit all of our luggage.

  • Example

    The capacious warehouse stored all of the company's inventory.

capacious Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with capacious

  • a mind that is able to hold and process a lot of information


    His capacious mind allowed him to excel in his studies.

  • a heart that is able to love and care for many people


    Her capacious heart made her a great mother and friend.

  • a wide range of words that someone knows and uses


    His capacious vocabulary allowed him to express himself eloquently.

Origins of capacious

from Latin 'capax', meaning 'able to hold much'


Summary: capacious in Brief

'Capacious' [kuh-pey-shuhs] describes something that has a lot of space inside or is able to hold or contain a lot. It is often used to describe physical spaces like rooms, bags, or trunks, as well as mental capacities like minds or hearts. Examples include 'The capacious room was perfect for the party.' and 'Her capacious heart made her a great mother and friend.' Synonyms include 'spacious,' 'roomy,' and 'ample.'