What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “inexertion”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “inexertion”

The antonyms of inexertion are activity, diligence, and industriousness. These words convey a sense of action, effort, and productivity.

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Definitions and Examples of activity, diligence, industriousness

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The state or quality of being active; the condition of doing something.


Regular activity is essential for maintaining good health.

Careful and persistent effort or work; conscientiousness in one's duties.


His diligence in studying paid off when he aced the exam.

The quality of being hardworking and productive; the habit of working diligently.


Her industriousness and dedication to her job earned her a promotion.

Key Differences: activity vs diligence vs industriousness

  • 1Activity refers to any action or movement, regardless of its purpose or outcome.
  • 2Diligence implies a careful and persistent effort towards a specific goal or task.
  • 3Industriousness emphasizes the habit of working hard and being productive over time.

Effective Usage of activity, diligence, industriousness

  • 1Workplace: Use diligence and industriousness to describe employees who are hardworking and productive.
  • 2Education: Use diligence to encourage students to work hard and persistently towards their goals.
  • 3Fitness: Use activity to encourage people to engage in physical exercise and maintain an active lifestyle.

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The antonyms of inexertion are activity, diligence, and industriousness. These words convey different levels of action, effort, and productivity. Use them in various contexts such as workplace, education, and fitness to describe people's habits and encourage positive behaviors.

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