establishment Definition

  • 1a group of people who have the power to control a country or an area
  • 2the act of starting or creating something that will last for a long time
  • 3a business organization, public institution, or household regarded as an economic unit

Using establishment: Examples

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    The political establishment was shaken by the election results.

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    The establishment of a new government brought hope to the people.

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    The family business is a well-established establishment in the town.

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    She works at a high-end dining establishment.

establishment Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for establishment

Idioms Using establishment

  • to challenge or disrupt the existing power structure or status quo


    The young politician promised to shake up the establishment and bring fresh ideas to the table.

  • a group of people or institutions that have been in power for a long time and are resistant to change


    The old establishment was reluctant to embrace new technologies and ways of doing things.

  • a political candidate who is supported by the established political parties and institutions


    The establishment candidate won the primary election, but faced a tough challenge in the general election.

Phrases with establishment

  • the people and institutions that hold power and influence in a society, especially those who are seen as conservative or traditional


    The Establishment was slow to recognize the need for change.

  • a person who is part of the Establishment and has significant power and influence in society


    He was seen as an establishment figure, with close ties to the government and business leaders.

  • a clause in the First Amendment of the US Constitution that prohibits the government from establishing an official religion


    The Supreme Court has ruled on many cases involving the establishment clause.

Origins of establishment

from Old French 'establissement', from Latin 'stabilis', meaning 'firm'


Summary: establishment in Brief

The term 'establishment' [ɪˈstæblɪʃmənt] refers to a group of people who hold power over a country or area, the act of creating something long-lasting, or a business organization. It can refer to a political or social power structure, as in 'The political establishment was shaken by the election results,' or a physical place of business, as in 'She works at a high-end dining establishment.' The term extends into idioms like 'shake up the establishment,' denoting a challenge to the status quo.

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