old Definition

  • 1having lived for a long time; no longer young
  • 2belonging only or chiefly to the past; former or previous

Using old: Examples

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  • Example

    My grandmother is very old.

  • Example

    This is an old book.

  • Example

    The building is very old.

  • Example

    I have known him since I was a little girl, so he is an old friend of mine.

old Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using old

  • very old; ancient


    That story is as old as the hills, everyone knows it already.

  • an experienced person in a particular activity or area


    He's an old hand at fishing, having done it since he was a child.

  • adhering to traditional or conservative values or methods


    He's very old school when it comes to teaching, preferring chalkboards and textbooks over computers and tablets.

Phrases with old

  • the later part of life, usually after retirement


    She is enjoying her old age by traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

  • old-fashioned

    no longer in style or fashion; out of date


    Her dress was old-fashioned, but it suited her well.

  • old-timer

    a person who has been around for a long time; a veteran


    He's an old-timer in this company, having worked here for over 30 years.


Summary: old in Brief

The term 'old' [oʊld] refers to something that has lived for a long time or belongs to the past. It can describe people, objects, or ideas, such as 'My grandmother is very old' or 'This is an old book.' The phrase 'old age' denotes the later part of life, while 'old-fashioned' means out of date. Idioms like 'old as the hills' and 'old school' convey a sense of ancientness or adherence to traditional values.

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