antique Definition

  • 1a collectible item with a high value because of its age, rarity, or historical significance
  • 2belonging to ancient times

Using antique: Examples

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    The antique vase was worth a fortune.

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    She collects antique furniture from the 18th century.

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    The museum has a collection of antiques from different cultures and periods.

antique Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with antique

  • a person who buys and sells antiques


    My friend's father is an antique dealer and he travels around the world to find rare items.

  • a store that specializes in selling antiques


    We found a beautiful antique mirror at the antique shop downtown.

  • a car that is over 25 years old and is considered a classic


    He restored an antique car from the 1950s and it looks brand new.

Origins of antique

from Latin 'antiquus', meaning 'former, ancient'


Summary: antique in Brief

An 'antique' [ænˈtiːk] can refer to a collectible item with high value due to its age, rarity, or historical significance, such as an antique vase. It can also describe something belonging to ancient times, like antique furniture from the 18th century. 'Antique' is often used in phrases like 'antique dealer' and 'antique shop.' Synonyms include 'vintage' and 'old-fashioned,' while antonyms include 'modern' and 'contemporary.'

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