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What is the opposite of “marvel”?

What is the antonym of “marvel”?

The antonyms of marvel are disappoint and bore. The antonyms disappoint and bore convey a negative or unimpressed emotional state. It implies a lack of amazement, excitement, or interest.

Brief Definitions of the Antonym(s)

Learn when and how to use these words with these examples!


To fail to meet expectations or hopes; to let down.


The movie disappointed me because it didn't live up to the hype.


To cause someone to feel uninterested or weary.


The lecture was so dry and dull that it bored everyone in the audience.

How are these antonyms different from each other?

  • 1Disappoint is used when something fails to meet expectations or hopes, while bore is used when something is uninteresting or tedious.
  • 2Disappoint is a more extreme emotion than bore, as it implies a sense of betrayal or letdown.
  • 3Bore can be used to describe a person who is uninteresting, while disappoint is only used to describe an event or situation.

Good things to know

  • 1Express Displeasure: Use disappoint to express disappointment or frustration with a situation or event.
  • 2Describe Boredom: Use bore to describe a tedious or uninteresting activity or person.
  • 3Provide Feedback: Use these antonyms to provide constructive feedback on a product, service, or experience.

Remember this!

The antonyms have distinct nuances: Disappoint conveys a sense of betrayal or letdown when something fails to meet expectations, while bore describes something that is uninteresting or tedious. Use these words to express displeasure, describe boredom, and provide feedback on a product, service, or experience.

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