cool Definition

  • 1of or at a fairly low temperature
  • 2fashionably attractive or impressive
  • 3calmness, composure, or lack of excitement
  • 4showing no friendliness towards a person or enthusiasm for an idea or project

Using cool: Examples

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  • Example

    The weather is cool today.

  • Example

    He looks so cool in his new outfit.

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    She remained cool under pressure.

  • Example

    His response was cool and unenthusiastic.

cool Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using cool

  • very calm and composed, especially in a difficult situation


    Even though she was nervous, she appeared cool as a cucumber during the interview.

  • cool one's heels

    to wait for a period of time, often impatiently


    I had to cool my heels in the waiting room for an hour before the doctor saw me.

  • play it cool

    to act calm and composed, especially in a situation where one might be expected to be excited or emotional


    Even though he was thrilled to win the award, he tried to play it cool and not show too much emotion.

Phrases with cool

  • to become cooler or to make something cooler


    I need to cool down after my workout.

  • to become less angry or agitated


    I need to cool off before I can talk about this calmly.

  • an expression of approval or agreement


    A: I just got us tickets to the concert. B: Cool beans!


Summary: cool in Brief

The term 'cool' [kuːl] has multiple meanings. It can refer to temperature, fashion, composure, or lack of enthusiasm. Examples include 'The weather is cool today,' 'He looks so cool in his new outfit,' and 'His response was cool and unenthusiastic.' Phrases like 'cool down' and idioms like 'cool as a cucumber' extend the meaning to include calmness and patience.

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