chilly Definition

  • 1unpleasantly cold
  • 2not friendly or enthusiastic

Using chilly: Examples

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  • Example

    It's chilly outside, so don't forget to wear a jacket.

  • Example

    The receptionist gave me a chilly greeting when I arrived.

  • Example

    The atmosphere in the room was chilly after the argument.

  • Example

    Their relationship had become chilly over time.

chilly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for chilly

Phrases with chilly

  • cold or cool weather


    I prefer to stay indoors during chilly weather.

  • an unfriendly or unwelcoming reception


    The new employee received a chilly reception from their colleagues.

  • an unfriendly or tense atmosphere


    The meeting had a chilly atmosphere after the disagreement between the two managers.


Summary: chilly in Brief

The term 'chilly' [ˈtʃɪli] describes something that is unpleasantly cold or someone who is not friendly or enthusiastic. It can refer to weather, as in 'chilly weather,' or social interactions, such as a 'chilly reception.' 'Chilly' has synonyms like 'cold' and 'unfriendly,' and antonyms like 'warm' and 'friendly.'

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