unfriendly Definition

  • 1not kind or pleasant; hostile or antagonistic
  • 2not offering or showing help or support; uncooperative

Using unfriendly: Examples

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  • Example

    The unfriendly receptionist made me feel unwelcome.

  • Example

    He gave me an unfriendly look when I asked him for help.

  • Example

    The company's unfriendly policies towards employees led to a high turnover rate.

unfriendly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unfriendly

Phrases with unfriendly

  • weapons fire that injures or kills one's own forces or allies


    The soldiers were killed by unfriendly fire from their own side.

  • the acquisition of a company against the wishes of its management and board of directors


    The company was subject to an unfriendly takeover by a rival firm.

  • a situation where air travel is difficult or unpleasant, often due to bad weather or other factors


    The passengers were stuck in the airport for hours due to the unfriendly skies caused by the storm.


Summary: unfriendly in Brief

The term 'unfriendly' [ʌnˈfrɛndli] describes someone or something that is not kind, pleasant, or helpful. It can refer to people, policies, or situations that are hostile or uncooperative. Examples include 'The unfriendly receptionist made me feel unwelcome.' and 'The company's unfriendly policies towards employees led to a high turnover rate.' Phrases like 'unfriendly fire' and 'unfriendly takeover' denote specific contexts where the term is used.