friendly Definition

  • 1kind and pleasant
  • 2showing or expressing liking or goodwill
  • 3not hostile

Using friendly: Examples

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    She has a friendly personality.

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    He gave me a friendly smile.

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    The two countries have friendly relations.

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    The dog was very friendly towards the children.

friendly Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using friendly

  • be on friendly terms (with someone)

    to have a good relationship with someone


    I'm on friendly terms with my neighbors.

  • a phrase used by the airline industry to describe a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience


    We hope you enjoy your flight with us and experience the friendly skies.

  • user-friendly

    easy to use or understand


    The new software is very user-friendly.

Phrases with friendly

  • the unintentional firing of a weapon by one's own forces, which results in injury or death to one's own personnel


    The soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

  • a sports game played for practice or entertainment, not as part of a competition


    The team played a friendly match against their local rivals.

  • an acquisition in which the acquiring company and the target company agree to cooperate and work together


    The merger was a friendly takeover.

Origins of friendly

from friend, from Old English 'frēond'


Summary: friendly in Brief

The term 'friendly' [ˈfrendli] describes kind and pleasant behavior, often expressing goodwill and lacking hostility. It can refer to people, animals, or relationships between countries, as in 'The two countries have friendly relations.' 'Friendly' extends into phrases like 'friendly fire,' and idioms like 'be on friendly terms (with someone),' denoting good relationships, and 'user-friendly,' implying ease of use.

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